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Candace Maxwell, MA, LMHC



I believe there is more to life than surviving the journey. I believe in thriving! 

My passion is helping clients discover ways to restore emotional wellness, renew their passion for living, and help them set goals that will ensure awareness, participation, and enjoyment in their lives.


As a counselor, I want to offer the right amount of support and guidance to help clients recognize and harness their own potential. I will also Introduce personalized strategies and tools that allow clients to overcome trauma, restore functioning, renew their spirit, move forward into a hope-filled future, live fully present in every moment, and feel in control of their lives. 


I enjoy watching clients become motivated to create their own life experience and no longer be a casual bystander in their own journey. I encourage everyone to enjoy the process of journeying and becoming.... to find meaning and joy along the journey, rather than waiting to reach a destination of happiness. #Living is about experiencing everything that awaits us on our journey, both good and bad, and meaning can be found within every experience.


If you are feeling unfulfilled, in distress, or even in major crisis, but desire to once again appreciate and enjoy simple pleasures like taking a deep breath, feeling the sunshine on your face, partaking of a good meal, or communicating your thoughts... you are ready to begin moving forward. I challenge you to begin your journey of living and becoming today.


I am honored to share in your journey of healing, growth, empowerment, and thriving. As Maya Angelou once stated... "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; & to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, & some style."  I wish all of the same for you.


Your journey awaits!

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