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Telemental Health Counseling

The following services are available for residents of the state of Florida:


*Video counseling

*Phone counseling

*Text subscriptions (monthly)


Telemental health counseling is growing in popularity and becoming a mainstream form of counseling chosen by busy professionals, clients who can't leave work for an appointment, clients on vacation, clients who prefer an alternative form of counseling (e.g., texting), or for those who wish to choose a counselor outside of their local community. 


Telemental Health Counseling is the future! The delivery of this form of counseling is a convenience that meets a need for many clients who have desired counseling, but have not been able to schedule late afternoon or night appointments and/or is available only at times the chosen counselor is not present for office hours. 


***The same laws, rules, & ethics governing the mental health licensed counseling profession in the state of FL apply, including HIPAA compliant software to deliver services. Although the utmost care is taken to protect private health information (PHI) with compliant software, all online clients must sign their informed consent of understanding the minor risk that accompanies online communication. 

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